Our country is facing an impending and tremendous challenge as baby boomers start
aging into their senior years.

Are you prepared to be a Caregiver or Care Receiver? How many times during the past year have you asked yourself this question or even asked for a family member, friend or a loved one? As we age it is often a very realistic question to ponder. Now imagine if you had to ask yourself, if I am accepted into an assisted living or nursing home community, will the staff know my culture and support me with the dignity, love and compassion I deserve as an elder of a different culture? Will I be discriminated due to my sexual orientation, religion, race, etc?

By 2030, one out of every four Minnesotans will be over 65. This will be the most diverse population this age group has ever seen. Their diversity presents new expectations in senior care that reflects the social and cultural changes that arguably began in the sixties leading to a new understanding of civil rights, gay rights, elder and health care rights. Senior care facilities to date have not incorporated these new understandings into their business models or care delivery.

Our Mission: Flagship Franchises of Minnesota, Inc. will connect people with premium care by partnering, investing or creating companies supporting the aging market.

The vision to carry out our mission is to provide a comprehensive range of quality, responsible and caring services to adults with health-related needs. These include medical, social and other related services. These services are offered, in a supportive and safe environment while also providing caregiver support. Rigorous and consistent implementation of the Flagship Franchise’s systems include training and innovation help to assure that the Company‚Äôs mission is accomplished with a positive financial outcome. Flagship Franchises continuously improves on its emerging care giving methodologies and technologies to ensure that the company services are always state-of-the-art. These high levels of expectations are delivered with consistent and unique focus on respect to individual cultures.

Flagship Franchises, Inc. is a leader in national movement for the transformation of older adult services, based on person-directed and person-centered values and practices. The voices and cultures of elders and those working with them are honored and respected.